90 Days
To A
New You!

Teaching Women The Dirty Little Secrets To Unlocking Their Dream Body, Sex Life & Inner Goddess.

How Did This Begin?

After being in the industry for 10 years now, I’ve had my fair share of working with a variety of different clients ranging from parents wanting their teens to be in better shape, young adults achieving their maximum potential, athletes, diabetics and everything in-between.

A question I got asked on a recent business course was “Who were my favourite clients to work with?” 🧐

This inevitably got me thinking, with a few names instantly popping into my head.

Following that, it was clear a distinct group of people all matching a similar position in life were at the forefront of my mind.

They’re all women who had reached the point of exhaustion from countless diets, running a home, looking after kids, not being able to wear the clothes they want, feeling guilty about what they’re eating every time they want to socialise and felt they’d lost their purpose.

So what changed for them and what is the difference between them & you up until this point?

They didn’t give up on wanting the best for themselves, their health and their future.

They didn’t hesitate investing in themselves because they knew it would pay back 100x.

They believed in me as a coach and as a result turned into women who live with purpose, have achieved results with their body they never thought were possible, wear the clothes they’ve always wanted to and now look in the mirror and feel sexy again.

If you’re reading this right now and you can relate, then I encourage you to invest in yourself and your future.

I’ve created my Dirty Little Secrets 90 Day Plan, specifically around helping women take their lives from where they are right now to a place they never thought was possible!

Don’t let this be one of those opportunities that passes you by.

It’s time to get that sass back and to start feeling yourself again. 💃🏻💋

In my first 30 days of online coaching with Luke I had lost 1 stone! After my 12 weeks I had lost a total of 2.5stone. I couldn't recommend Luke and his coaching services highly enough - Quite literally changed my life!

I'm literally blown away with what I achieved in such a short time! Me & Luke worked together over 16 weeks and in that time I corrected my poor relationship with food, learned a sustainable way of eating/ exercising to achieve the body of my dreams and changed my mindset towards life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Luke you're a one in a million coach!


    • You want to look and feel sexy in 2021
    • You want to lose up to 1 stone of body fat in 90 days
    • You aren’t afraid of commitment – I want you to stick around for the full 90 days so you can get amazing results
    • You’re looking for a community of like-minded women who are all working to improve themselves in all areas
    • You feel frustrated with your lack of results and want to finally make progress
    • You want to get the definition you’ve dreamed of without being restricted and sacrificing your social life
    • You’re ready, willing and able to invest in yourself and your health
    • You’re willing to learn and implement new methods and approaches 

If the answer is yes – then you’re a great fit for my program.

"Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams! Live The Life You Imagined."​

~ Henry David Thoreau

Why this Program?

After 10 years of working with women all over the world I decided it was time to create something special that would eventually be the central hub for every woman looking to reclaim their health and to improve every area of their life from sex through to family and business.  

It Doesn’t Matter If:

  • You’ve tried every single training, nutrition plan and diet out there
  • You are a complete beginner looking to get started
  • Or you’re an experienced gym goer looking for professional guidance

What can you expect in 90 days?

  • Achieve noticeable results without restricting the foods you love or your social life
  • Build a stronger, leaner, more flexible body that you love to look at in the mirror
  • Increase your confidence not just in your clothes but in the bedroom too
  • To be educated in all areas of life from nutrition, training, relationships and more
  • Re-establish your purpose so that you can wake up each day full of energy and direction

“I Teach You How To Eat The Food You Love Whilst Still Getting Amazing Results!”

What Does The Program Look Like?

DAY 1-30

We Learn The Fundamentals Of Nutrition, Training & Mindset

DAY 31-60

Challenges Are Set, Progress Is Measured & We Continue To Implement The Fundamentals

DAY 61-90

A New Version Of You Has Begun & All Areas Of Your Life Have Improved

What happens Next?

This Isn't The End Of The Road. The Program Has An Extension To Help Keep You Accountable And Continuing To Achieve Results!

What's the Investment?

£ 97
Monthly (Minimum 3 months)
  • Online Video Masterclass
    (Value £99)
  • Weekly Live Classes
    (Value £99)
  • Weekly Group Accountability Call
    (Value £Priceless)
  • Workout Programmes Via My App
    (Value £99)
  • Personal Calorie Calculator
    (Value £Priceless)
  • Recipe Books
    (Value £99)
  • New Weekly Recipes
    (Value £49)
  • Support From Myself
    (Value £Priceless)
  • Total Value - £Priceless 🤯


want to unlock the dirty little secrets?

If Not Now, When?

Want To unlock the dirty little secrets?

If Not Now, When?

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